To date, we have planted and given away over 20,500 native tree seedlings, planted millions of wildflower seeds, installed butterfly gardens in schools and private organizations, provided lectures, summer camps, and hands-on gardening guidance to our communities. Our goal is to help you plant more with ease by following the laws of nature.

Through education and implementation, we are able to lessen the negative impacts on our beautiful planet. We hope to inspire you to help the environment or learn how to garden. It’s fun and easy!

If everyone played a part in protecting our environment, amazing things could happen for people, animals, and the planet. By planting more we clean the air, soil, and water in our communities while making healthier food more accessible.

We talk about things like eliminating pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals to protect our groundwater. How to plant a food forest. How to forest bath. How to work with nature instead of against it.

We cover topics that encourage you to get outside and enjoy the natural world. When you know the importance of having a connection to nature, you respect and protect it more. We also explore the following:




Container gardening

Herb gardening


Food Forest Gardening

Native Gardening

Foraging, and so much more!

Nature has and will sustain us, protect us, nurture us, and supply us with the resources we need to live and thrive. In exchange, it is our responsibility to take care of those resources and use them with care and respect. 

The very system that gives us the ability to live on this planet needs you more than ever! It isn’t hard it just requires a healthy mindset to work with nature instead of against it. 

We entertain and educate people on various techniques to restore the mind, body, and spirit by connecting with nature. It’s a holistic approach. When you care about something you want to protect it more. The plant kingdom has so much to offer you. Let’s explore it and grow together!

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