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Our Mission

Reading Time: 7 minutes The Plant More Project is dedicated to discovering ways to thrive in our ever-shifting world by engaging local communities with hands-on learning, free native tree seedlings, and non-GMO seeds to increase biodiversity, sustainability, and environmental awareness.

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Reading Time: 7 minutes To date, we have planted and given away over 20,500 native tree seedlings, planted millions of wildflower seeds, installed butterfly gardens in schools and private organizations, provided lectures, summer camps, and hands-on gardening guidance to our communities. Our goal is to help you plant more with ease by following the laws of nature.

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Reading Time: 7 minutes Hello, we look forward to being of service and helping you grow! Signup for our newsletter to learn more about what the plant kingdom can do for you! You’ll get a free garden tips & tricks printable when you do.

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